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DIY tree pruning tips

Pruning a tree is a little different from trimming it. Many a simple DIY trimming projects turn into overwhelming pruning jobs by accident.

Don’t let this happen to you! Having a plan before you begin will ensure that you don’t over-prune the tree, harming its long-term health or making it look sparse and sickly.

To prune a tree yourself, you will be making more significant cuts than you would if you were only trimming. You may be pruning the tree to thin the crown of a large tree or to raise the crown for some reason – to give pedestrians or cars clearance, for example. Pruning is also an effective technique for crown reduction, which reduces the overall size of the tree’s crown naturally, without topping the tree. (Read more →)

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Traveling Texas by motorcycle? Here are the top 5 towns you should not miss

With so much land and being one of the most populated states in the US, it is not surprising that Texas is a treasure trove of beautiful landscapes and magical little towns. The state’s National Parks are a particular highlight for motorcyclists, as well as famed road trips like the 100 Mile Loop, a little north of San Antonio. This trip gives a great slice of what Texas has to offer, mountains, canyons, rivers and even a motorcycle museum. One of my friends down in San Antonio owns Lone Star Carpet Care and he obliged and met me up in Fredericksburg to have a few brews and check out the Hill Country on a couple of his bikes. (Read more →)

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Looking for the best diner in Texas

Finding good places to eat in Texas is not hard. Whether you are looking for Tex Mex, seafood, or pretty much anything, Texas won’t disappoint.

Ellen’s Southern Kitchen

Located in the heart of Dallas, this restaurant serves exceptional food in a classy modern diner. For breakfast, there is a range of sandwiches that has favorites, like the BLT, Egg and cheese and lots of their own creations like Maddie’s Melt, or the mouth watering Open Face Meat Loaf Sandwich. (Read more →)

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Planning a trip to Texas? Here are 10 things you shouldn’t miss

Texas is huge! Do you know that if Texas was laid on top of Europe, it would cover most of central and western Europe? With so much space, it’s no surprise that there is so much to see and do there. Here are some top tips on where to go!

How to get there?

If you are living in the US, then there are numerous ways to get to Texas. If you are happy to spend long hours in the car, then its easy enough to drive, as there are numerous highways that run into and throughout the state. Alternatively, for both American and International travelers, there are over 100 airports that serve big cities throughout the state, such as Houston and Dallas. From here it’s easy to rent a car and begin your adventure. (Read more →)

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Top 5 must try barbecue restaurants in Texas

Looking for great BBQ? Here are the top 5 must try Barbecue restaurants in Texas.

Texans love meat! So it’s little surprise that Texas is awash in BBQ restaurants. In fact, Texas has the most BBQ restaurants of any state in the US, more than 2,200 in total. This is nearly double the number of the nearest state, California, meaning that Texas has 1 BBQ joint per 12 people! So, its fair to say that Texans know BBQ, and with that many Barbecue lovers, comes great BBQ restaurants. One of the places that I really like is number 6, but it’s definitely a gem, Rudy’s BBQ in Leon Springs, Texas, just outside Boerne, Texas. But I digress, here’s the top 5… (Read more →)

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History of the diner

Ever wondered where the diner came from? Here’s a brief history of diners in the United States.

Standing at the very heart of the American dream is the diner. It is nearly impossible to conjure up an image of America’s golden age without thinking of one. Immortalized in film, TV, photography and literature, the diner was a quintessential American invention that captured the spirit of an age and defined the very heart of an America beating with a seemingly boundless energy and limitless future. (Read more →)

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