Top 5 must try barbecue restaurants in Texas

Looking for great BBQ? Here are the top 5 must try Barbecue restaurants in Texas.

Texans love meat! So it’s little surprise that Texas is awash in BBQ restaurants. In fact, Texas has the most BBQ restaurants of any state in the US, more than 2,200 in total. This is nearly double the number of the nearest state, California, meaning that Texas has 1 BBQ joint per 12 people! So, its fair to say that Texans know BBQ, and with that many Barbecue lovers, comes great BBQ restaurants. One of the places that I really like is number 6, but it’s definitely a gem, Rudy’s BBQ in Leon Springs, Texas, just outside Boerne, Texas. But I digress, here’s the top 5… (Read more →)