Finding good places to eat in Texas is not hard. Whether you are looking for Tex Mex, seafood, or pretty much anything, Texas won’t disappoint.

Ellen’s Southern Kitchen

Located in the heart of Dallas, this restaurant serves exceptional food in a classy modern diner. For breakfast, there is a range of sandwiches that has favorites, like the BLT, Egg and cheese and lots of their own creations like Maddie’s Melt, or the mouth watering Open Face Meat Loaf Sandwich.

The Eggs Benedict is to die for, while if you are feeling brave the Chili and eggs dish is worth the chance. For the lunch or dinner their selections of salads perfectly compliment their more filling dishes such as Joe’s Mac and Cheese hamburger, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken or the delightful Blackened Salmon Fillet. No matter what your mood or tastes, there is a mouthwatering dish for you, but bring your appetite because the servings are enormous! And if that isn’t enough for you they have a wide range of drinks including cocktails and now operate a new app called ‘No wait’, which with a text is sent to you when there is a free table to help you avoid waiting.

Velvet Taco

If you love Tacos, you will love this place. With outlets in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth this chain of high class diner style restaurants offers a unbeatable dining experience and very reasonable prices. Serving a great selection of different meat and vegetarian tacos this chain has taken the time to come up with a selection of unique Tacos for their customers. The Indian Tikka Masala or the Fish and Chips taco with french fries inside, are popular choices. Alternatively try the Cuban Pig which is cooked with delicious Gruyere cheese, which when served will send your taste buds absolutely spinning. A popular vegetarian choice is the Nashville Hot Tofu which is a spicy delight! The staff are extremely friendly and for those with dogs there is a nice patio area for them while you eat. If you haven’t already visited here the question is now, why not?

Beyond Burger

This 50’s themed restaurant is undeniably one of the best burger places in Texas. They have a menu featuring 10 of there own signature burgers, each of which is reason enough to visit. The more classic B.A.M, made of bacon, American cheese and mushrooms is a top choice, while the Three Cheese and the Portabella Swiss, melt in your mouth perfectly. The Poblano and the Baja, also feature a delicious pepper jack cheese, while if you want as much meat as possible the Mile High has ham, bacon and sausage, all crammed in together. They offer a selection of grilled meats and steaks, serve a special kids menu of mini burgers, and also a healthy menu, which features a Veggie burger, as well as the succulent Bison burger. But remember to save some room too for their delicious deserts including brownies, cookies and ice cream.

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