Looking for great BBQ? Here are the top 5 must try Barbecue restaurants in Texas.

Texans love meat! So it’s little surprise that Texas is awash in BBQ restaurants. In fact, Texas has the most BBQ restaurants of any state in the US, more than 2,200 in total. This is nearly double the number of the nearest state, California, meaning that Texas has 1 BBQ joint per 12 people! So, its fair to say that Texans know BBQ, and with that many Barbecue lovers, comes great BBQ restaurants. One of the places that I really like is number 6, but it’s definitely a gem, Rudy’s BBQ in Leon Springs, Texas, just outside Boerne, Texas. But I digress, here’s the top 5…

My top pick – Pecan Lodge, Dallas

With brisket and ribs that are out of this world, there is no wonder that there are queues around the block. This might be an annoyance, but once you are in this restaurant and try the food, you will be lost for superlatives. It is rare that you can pick anything on the menu and be so blown away by it, but this is the place where you can. The great ribs fall ripely off the bone and are juicy and tender on the inside while perfectly crispy on the outside. The brisket too is heaven in your mouth, moist and smokey they taste just right. Try the Mac ‘n Cheese or the fired okra too, both are divine. In fact, the only thing you will be disappointed about is that you don’t have a bigger stomach to eat more. Without doubt, once you’ve eaten here you will be back.

La Barbeque – Austin

Another place serving world class ribs and brisket is La Barbeque in Austin. Taking advantage of the great weather in Texas this place has a great outdoors eating area with a great vibe. The price is very reasonable given the large portions you get and should you have someone in the family who doesn’t like to eat meat, or is on a diet then the side salads are vegetarian. Tip: Try the pulled pork, it is fantastic. Yes, I know… what about Franklin’s BBQ…


Goode Company Barbeque – Houston

The sign like the decor is from another time. With a homely, old fashioned cafeteria feel but unfortunately not many chairs, this place offers a unique BBQ dining experience. With walls adorned with old American memorabilia like posters, old number plates and even a stuffed bison head, this place is full of character, but why people keep coming back here over and over is the food. With BBQ that melts in your mouth, great duck and a great range of tasty salads and coleslaw, the food here doesn’t disappoint. With an interesting side of bake beans with apples and a selection of wonderfully tasty deserts this is a place you need to visit. Try the pecan pie if you’ve still got room after your main course!

Heim – Fort Worth

Recently opened in 2015, this place is owned and run by a pure bread BBQ nut. The menu reflects his puritanical belief in all things barbecued. Superb ribs with a modest selection of side orders are served at very reasonable prices. Run from a trailer, they are sadly only open 3 days a week, but this place is more than worth any inconvenience. Once you’ve eaten here a few times you will find it harder and harder to choose between the ribs and the pork and will find yourself coming back more and more often.

Bodacious Bar-B-Que – Hallsville

You may never have heard of Hallsville, but there is one reason you should have. With a funky name like Bodacious Bar-B-Que, you know this place is going to stand out, and its not just the dancing pig logo you see when you pull into the parking lot, but also the food that makes you smile. A really great menu selection, which includes The Big Big Pie and 20 different BBQ baskets, there are enough reasons to come back to this place everyday for a month! Try the pulled pork sandwich with jalapeño grits, it’s truly delicious.

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