With so much land and being one of the most populated states in the US, it is not surprising that Texas is a treasure trove of beautiful landscapes and magical little towns. The state’s National Parks are a particular highlight for motorcyclists, as well as famed road trips like the 100 Mile Loop, a little north of San Antonio. This trip gives a great slice of what Texas has to offer, mountains, canyons, rivers and even a motorcycle museum. One of my friends down in San Antonio owns Lone Star Carpet Care and he obliged and met me up in Fredericksburg to have a few brews and check out the Hill Country on a couple of his bikes.

  1. Terlingua. I’m going to start this list of towns to visit, with one of the smallest. With only 58 residents and nicknamed Terlingua Ghost Town, you must be wondering what there could possibly be to see there? Well, situated on the edge of Big Bend National Park, the landscape around the town and the ride getting there is simply amazing. Once a mining town, it now caters for tourism by offering a range of tours and activities, such as off road motorcycling, canoeing and much more. Each November, it hosts a chili cooking contest where 10,000 people all converge on the town to find the hottest chili chefs in Texas.
  1. Fredericksburg. No list of the best towns in Texas would be complete without this beautiful little town. It’s name gives a hint at the diversity of the early settlers in Texas and was in fact founded in 1846 by Prince Frederick of Prussia! It’s beautiful array of buildings and quiet, laid back feel make this town one that quickly wins a place in your heart. It’s beautiful main street with it’s wonderful shops, great restaurants, friendly locals and surrounding fields of Texas wild flowers, make this town an unmissable part to any road trip. You will be sorry to leave.
  1. Marfa. Gaining international fame as being the setting for the 1955 film Giant, starring James Dean, this town is located in The Big Bend National Park. Its setting is breathtaking, a vast open plain with the mountains looming over it. Almost nightly, it’s famed and still yet unexplained, ‘Marfa lights’, dot around the landscape leaving you mystified as to what causes them. As if this strange phenomenon wasn’t enough, then there are also some iconic, but somewhat bizarre art instillations by some world class artists dotted around the town.
  1. Port Isabel. To get a taste of the sheer diversity of Texas you should visit this wonderful little port town. The chance to experience some cooler climes and to ride some stunning coastal roads, with mile upon miles of pristine beaches is one you shouldn’t miss. Built in 1852, this quaint port town hosts the International Texas Fishing Competition, and a range of water sports such as jet skiing, boat tours and dolphin watching. Don’t forget to visit the lighthouse, which during The Civil War, the Confederates removed the light from to prevent Union ships from using it.
  2. Luckenbach. Located 19km from Fredericksburg, the town of Luckenbach is famous for both it’s music and it’s population. With artists such as Jerry Jeff Walker, Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett having preformed here, the town has a rich musical legacy. Many other Texas towns I’m sure could scream their own music credentials, but what is unique about Luckenbach is that its entire population is only 3 people. The town consists of a post office, a blacksmith, a cotton gin, a beer joint and a dance hall, all making you wonder where do they get the staff? Each weekend the town hosts a live music show giving a great display of the rich music scene Texas has to offer.
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